3D Printing

3D printing with TechStart means that we will be teaching you SketchUp. How does this make sense? While 3D printing satisfies the desire for a  tangible result, like anything in STEM, there’s more then 1 step. For us this means designing in SketchUp – a free software that works on all devices and allows creative freedom, while being basic enough for a 2nd grader to comprehend.  We begin by creating the TechStart logo, and end with a rocketship or a drone or the actualization of an idea from the child.

Each class is 45 minutes long. We have done one-off events, week-long summer camps, and once a week for the semester. We’ve also begun to incorporate 3D printing into our other programs as a reminder that STEM can be very tangible.

As for all of our programs, we are free to all public or community schools. For private and charter schools or any events, we run a BOGO (Buy One Give One), in order to stay true to our mission by make technology available for all.