As a non-profit organization, TechStart hosts multiple events to raise money for the next generation of creators.

We host 2 events for fundraisers: Grand Prix Yacht Club and Tech Jam.
We attend multiple events as beneficiaries.
Most importantly we also host Demo Days to show off the kids work and show the sponsors their progress.

Grand Prix Yacht Club

We host a party on a yacht to watch the St. Pete Grand Prix. While you party on a yacht, 50 kids get a backstage tour of with the engineers, drivers, and mechanics.

Tech Jam

Tech Jam is an opportunity for the geeks to become rockstars! Local tech companies create a band from at least 50% of their employees, and battle it out for the best company band in Tampa Bay.


Find more information here!

Demo Days

This is an opportunity for the kids to show off all their hard work to our sponsors and the community.

Meet Our Volunteers

These wonderful people constantly stand up and help offer their services to make these events run so smoothly.


Kimberly is a critical piece of every event! She’s absolutely phenomenal and a pleasure to work with. Check her out at ElevatedEvents.com.


Wonderful woman with a smile that’s as addictive as her happiness. In person, and on social media, Teena knows the true value of making friends not connections.


Jorge truly cares about the at risk children in this community. He gives all his time, inside and outside of work to them. His knowledge and heart is always appreciated.


Deb is the lioness of the community. She always makes sure everyone is well cared for and is willing to stand up for what she believes in regardless of the risks.


We can't do what we do without our #SpectacularSponsors
Thank you a thousand times over for your contribution to developing the next generation of creators in Tampa Bay.