Code Club


Code.Org is our bread and butter of our Code Club. We start the kids with this first to get them addicted.

TechStart partners with schools to provide and after school program for students that is focused on computer science. The curriculum is based off of, with the help of volunteer mentors, in coordination with school staff.   Students are taught basic coding concepts such as: sequence, repeat, repeat until, if, if-else, functions, functions with parameters, while, and counter. Students also learn skills that are applicable outside of the classroom, such as: spatial relations, creativity, collaboration, self-help, and determination.

Students that participate in Code Club often have limited exposure to computers and technology. By offering this program, we hope to spark an interest in topics that might have seemed out of reach, due to demographics and school funding. The residual effect of Code Club, along with our other programs, is a heightened interest in computer science, STEM curriculum, and the learning as a whole.

Another great by-product of this program is that participating schools have seen an increase in attendance and improved behavior in the classroom.

Appearing as a game, the kids come addicted!  They begin to understand there is hard work that happens behind the scenes in order to make the front end work.

As they progress, terminology is slowly introduced as the game becomes harder to complete.

From day one they are able to see the code they are writing. As it nears the end it leaves the code they write on the side and as the conclusion page so they understand they are writing “real life” code.


Sulphur Springs Elementary

  1.  Our 1st
  2. Needs a mentor
  3. Up for classroom adoption

8412 N 13th St, Tampa, FL 33604

Ozona Elementary

  1. Needs a mentor
  2. Up for classroom adoption

601 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Plato Academy

  1.  Needs a Mentor
  2. Up for Classroom Adoption

2045 Palmetto St, Clearwater, FL 33765


Created by a local 14 year old TB student, for TB students.
This is an online curriculum that walks students through the process of creating their first website. We’re currently beta testing, so if you’re interested in signing up or have critical feedback – please don’t hesitate to let us know!