Clark Elementary #DonationDropOffDay

Clark Elem

Today, with community partner Scrap On Spot (Tony Selvaggio), and I dropped off the 4 laptops needed for Ms. Elkins AllStars at Clark Elementary! The kids we’re so excited they met us in the lobby!! On the way back to the classroom Kodi App it was a true battle between the kids to tell us all about their current projects. Once inside the classroom, knowing the bell would ring in 5 mins, they scrambled to show us as much as they could. Surprisingly, they were very team focused, making sure everyone had a part in their display. One kid would run to their shoebox, grab everything they needed, another would assemble, another would pitch for my attention, and the final would hold the wires during presentation. The excitement and true passion was beaming from their core.


connectionWhy were they so excited? These laptops meant they don’t have to code, and store blueprints on the public computers in the library. Being public, their code had been altered almost every day, which started discouraging the kids. Then we came together as a community and made sure their hard work is safe. Plus they all received a multi-charger, which they thought was just spectacular.

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Thank you Tampa Bay, for caring about your next generation of creators!

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