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Casa Chiapas #DonationDropOff

We had the HONOR to launch a 15 computer TechLab for Casa Chiapas in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate, Consul Juan Sabines, Tony Selvaggio with eSmart recycling, and Cielo Gomez, founder of the organization. casa chiapas 2It is an effort only made possible trough collaboration for the benefit of our communities, and communities all over the world. casa chiapasThank you to our fellow sponsors Signs Insight, NTP2 for the support. The biggest thank you has to go to e-smart recycling who made Kodi App the entire donation day possible from translation to delivery.
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Clark Elementary #DonationDropOffDay

Clark Elem

Today, with community partner Scrap On Spot (Tony Selvaggio), and I dropped off the 4 laptops needed for Ms. Elkins AllStars at Clark Elementary! The kids we’re so excited they met us in the lobby!! On the way back to the classroom Kodi App it was a true battle between the kids to tell us all about their current projects. Once inside the classroom, knowing the bell would ring in 5 mins, they scrambled to show us as much as they could. Surprisingly, they were very team focused, making sure everyone had a part in their display. One kid would run to their shoebox, grab everything they needed, another would assemble, another would pitch for my attention, and the final would hold the wires during presentation. The excitement and true passion was beaming from their core.


connectionWhy were they so excited? These laptops meant they don’t have to code, and store blueprints on the public computers in the library. Being public, their code had been altered almost every day, which started discouraging the kids. Then we came together as a community and made sure their hard work is safe. Plus they all received a multi-charger, which they thought was just spectacular.

get it

Thank you Tampa Bay, for caring about your next generation of creators!

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Code Club Kid Spotlight: Deidrianna

When 5th grade student Deidrianna first started at Code Club, she had very little computer knowledge, but by the end of the program she was leading her classmates in the curriculum. “It’s fun to learn new things!” beamed the spunky girl. Whereas most children her age enjoy playing video games, Deidrianna prefers writing counterblock codes. She aspires to keep learning code so she can one day make an app for her friends.


As a 5th grader, she graduated from our current Code Club offerings. Our goal for TechStart’s future is to grow enough to be able to offer students like Deidrianna the chance to keep pursuing their passion even after elementary school.

Code Club Kid Spotlight: Trevares

By Megan Bowers

“I want to work for Nintendo,” beamed 10 year old Trevares Johnson. He explained that he likes Code Club because he gets to go on the computer, something he doesn’t get to do very often. Trevares quickly excelled in the program and was one of the leading coders in his class, often in the top 5% in the class. From his first days in Code Club, it was apparent that this fifth grader was a natural with the computer. He would often tackle many difficult skills on the first try cialis pas cher. Trevares humbly shared, “I think I am learning a lot because I am getting really far in the program.”

Trevares will be graduating out of code club at the end of this school year because the middle school does not have a computer sciences program yet. However, we have no doubt that the young computer whiz will continue to develop skills in computer sciences and fulfill his dream of working for Nintendo.


3D:Printing the Future

By Megan Bowers

What do shoes, hands, maps, and bones have in common? Not much, except that they can all be printed in 3D. The MOSI exhibit 3D Printing the Future officially opens on June 14, but we are giving you the sneak preview right now.

photo 2

There was a flawless 3D print of Abraham Lincoln’s face, but it doesn’t stop there. MOSI has a scanner that can turn anyone’s face into a 3D printed masterpiece!

Speaking of masterpieces, the exhibit features a workshop where you can use a handheld printer to create artwork of your own like these (crafted by your very own TechStart team!)

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-3476" src="" alt="photo 1" width="246" height="185" srcset=" 3264w,×225.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 1024w,×75.jpg 100w, http://techstarttampabay cialis pas cher×112.jpg 150w,×150.jpg 200w,×337.jpg 450w,×450.jpg 600w,×675.jpg 900w” sizes=”(max-width: 246px) 100vw, 246px” />

One application featured, however, really tugged at our heartstrings. The father of a boy born without fingers on his hands was determined to help his son. After looking into expensive prosthetics, which were expensive and needed replacing every time the boy outgrew them, he discovered a 3D printing lab at his son’s school. For less than $20 he was able to provide his son with the mobility that other children have.

photo 3

This exhibit is truly inspiring and creative. From bikinis to headphones to miniature villages, this technology has no boundaries. The best part about it is that the exhibit will continue to change as the technology and its possibilities evolve. Thank you MOSI for letting us experience the future of technology!