Roger Wright at BizTech2013

roger wrightTechStart is joining TBTF today at #BizTech2013 Thanks to Murray Wright for speaking and giving us a flashback to the tech world in 1999!

Gifting Tech for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you have not had time to think about what to get your loved ones. Well, that is where I can help! Here are some great gifts with amazing technological features that either inspire or educate (keeping with our foundation’s mission).

Tech gadgets for your man:

Although it is a bit oxymoronic, does your techie hunk like to explore how the cavemen once lived out in nature? The BioLite Camp Stove can roast marshmallows for s’mores and charge his techie devices, while still being eco-friendly. This product is safer than an open fire, and it gets great reviews by its users!


Is your man trying to drop a few pounds or shape up for spring break in Key West (wait or that is my goal…) ? Well regardless, the Nike+ FuelBand is an excellent gift to help motivate and encourage him. It tracks his movements and calories burned throughout the day, allows him to set fitness goals and easily visualize his progress. I may just have to buy this one for myself!

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-212" alt="Nike-Fuel-Featured" src="×178.jpg" width="300" height="178" srcset="×178 generique cialis pas cher.jpg 300w, 573w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

Want to help your beau climb the professional ladder? A Livescribe smartpen can help with that. The smartpen will capture audio from important meetings, transfer his notes to his laptop, and organize them accordingly. The pen allows the convenience of reviewing meeting conversations and search ability of his notes. With this gift, he will be CEO in no time!


Tech accessories and apps for your lady:

Next Issue is an app that gives your duchess unlimited access to 75+ magazines on her iPad or tablet. Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Glamour, Elle, InStyle, Redbook, and Marie Claire are just a few of the magazines included in the subscription.  Not sure if it will be worth your money? The first 30 days are free! After the trial, the subscription is only $10/month. (This is my favorite app on my iPad!)


These Crust Be Dreaming USB Hand Warmers would be a great Valentine’s gift, especially if your special someone is up north dealing with the freezing temperatures. A day at the office is never fun or productive with chilly hands. This gift will help her fingers type out all the important emails and proposals for the week.


Want to help your love stick to her new year’s fitness resolutions? An iPod shuffle might be helpful! With the low price point of $49, you will be sure to surprise her while keeping to the budget. The colorful shuffle showcases great technology, including VoiceOver which communicates the battery status, song title and artist name, and playlist options. Cute, affordable and smart!



Tech toys and apps for the kids (This is where it gets really fun!):

Want to spark your child’s interest in technology? Little Bits would be just the right thing to inspire on Valentine’s Day!

Does your little one love music and animals? GoGroove Pals are portable, adorable animal speakers that he or she will adore. They come in two different sizes and five different animals: penguin, panda, owl, polar bear, and koala bear. Not so cuddly, but they have great singing voices!


crayon stylus would make your colorer at home so happy on this fun holiday. Add a few apps to your iPad, like Doodle Buddyand he or she will have a whole new platform to draw pictures, create stories, and share his or her imagination.


Recent technology has really transformed how kids can learn and we love it! Endless ABC is a great app for your younger kiddos to learn letters, sounds, and new words while giggling and having fun – even better it is FREE! Download the app and try it out. You might even learn a new word or two.


Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!


SuperBowl Technology

Yes, there was a blackout at the Superbowl, BUT are you wondering about the exciting Technology at the Super Bowl? Here are some gadgets I discovered:

Video cameras:

  • 62 cameras (5 more this year) to cover every action of the game – directed by Mike Arnold for the third year for CBS.
  • 6 unique camera views to be played back on-screen at the same time, using multi-camera high-resolution playback tech called Mosaic.
  • 5 high-speed HEYEPER Zoom 4k cameras that can shoot at 300-500 frames per second at 1080i HD, according to TV Technology

Football Safety:

 Half-time Show:

  • LED paneled stage that allowed for amazing stage set. The stage moved vertically to create an incredible backdrop for Beyonce’s song “Baby Boy” – how cool!!

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

  • Insane pyrotechnics and light show throughout the entire halftime performance

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

  • Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams popped up from underneath the stage! (if you know more about this technology – please share)
  • Musical instruments (including the fiery electric guitar during “Crazy in Love”), click-tracks, amplifiers, monitors, wireless microphones, ear pieces, sound boards, etc. Music and technology go hand in hand.


These are just a few of the many aspects of technology that goes into the production of the huge national event. Without the technological resources the Super Bowl would not be as amazing as it is today!



Tech Girls Rock

photo 3_4

On January 22nd, I visited the Wilbert Harris/Belmont Heights Boys and Girls Club to show my support and get the inside scoop on Tech Girls Rock, a workshop presented by CA Technologies. This initiative “helps girls discover and cultivate an interest in information technology (IT), and ultimately tech-related educational opportunities and careers”. 89 girls, ages 10 to 16, participated in the all day event, including morning energizers, a panelist of women leaders in technology fields, educational activities, games, and prizes. The girls gained a new perspective on computers and seemed to have lots of fun!

In the afternoon, the young ladies were broken up into three groups and went through an activity rotation. Here are some pictures!

CPU Strut: The teams learned how to put together the inside of a CPU. Then they participated in a relay race requiring them to strut across the gymnasium, position a missing part, and strut back to their teammates. Each girl walked the runway until the CPU was completed.

photo 5

Jorge Vera (Technology Director at Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay) demonstrates how to piece together the inside of a CPU.

photo 2

Thanks to CA Technology and their volunteers for encouraging these young ladies!

photo 2_2

Strutting with personality!

photo 2_3

The girls answered summary questions about what they learned and received a raffle ticket for the chance at a prize.


Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Technology Edition: The group was spilt into 4 teams of 7-8 girls, and they competed for raffle tickets.

photo 3_3

These girls won the trivia game! They proved that they were smarter than 5th graders!

Want to know how you would score?

Here are the questions (Answers included at the bottom of this post):

1. Name a device other than a computer you can use to surf the Internet

2. What does the symbol HD on a tv stand for?

3. What are 3 different social media websites to post pictures on?

4. Steve Forbes founded Microsoft. True or False

5. Name the two most popular search engines.

6. How many different kinds of major apple products are currently for sale?

7. What device guides you step by step on a trip to another city?

8. The CPU controls all of the computers functions it acts as the brain of the computer what does it stand for?

9. What are the two main ways to communicate on a cell phone?

10. CTRL & ALT are displayed how many times on the keyboard?

11. What technology device was named the best invention of the century by Time magazine? (Million dollar question)


Team Cheer: Each group came up with a unique cheer and performed it at the end of the day.

photo 4_2


Check out these links for more news!



  1. Gaming system, smart tv, e-reader
  2. High Definition
  3. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  4. False
  5. Google and Yahoo
  6. iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac
  7. A GPS
  8. Central processing unit
  9. Calling and texting
  10. 2
  11. iPhone

How to Install Kodi on Android Phones

How you can Set up Kodi on Android Phones

If you could bear in mind, in the past Kodi was when confined to a specialized box that worked like a computer. However, download kodi the need was so terrific for Kodi and with all the developments in modern technology, Kodi is currently available for android tools.

How To Install Kodi On Android Devices

This permits individuals simple accessibility to their faves films and TV shows anytime of the day or night anywhere, as long as your android device is handy. Before you obtain too excited, you have to recognize that the installation Kodi on an android device is a two-step procedure. It is a very easy process, but it still can take a little of time if you arent sure just what you are doing.

Nonetheless, prior to starting the installation procedure you have to make sure that your system satisfies the needs for the application. The program requires Android 4.2 or greater versions, 512MB of RAM or higher, and Kodi iPhone 120 MEGABYTES of vacuum. If your system satisfies that above needs you will be ready to start the installment process.

This setup guide will certainly stroll you step-by-step with the whole process. The first thing you need to do is download Kodi from either the Play Shop or Kodi web site. You may find it much easier to simply visit the Play Shop due to kodiappguide43 the fact that the Kodi website has a few additional actions, yet nonetheless completion outcome coincides. The 2nd step of this two-part procedure needs you to mount add-ons prior to you start streaming.

If you do a little of research, you will locate that Exodus is currently the most prominent Kodi add, yet there are tons offered.