What We Do

TechStart teaches students K-12 how to code, 3D print and build robots with creative problem solving strategies and behavioral adaptation techniques. Our after school programs are developing the next generation of creators.


Hours of Teaching


Total Kids Impacted


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Who We Serve

Our main target is to serve those at-risk, underprivileged, and underserved. We do work with private and charter schools but charge them at a BOGO (Buy One, Give One) pricing model to stay true to our goal.

We identify at risk and underserved youth in the tb region to receive no charge services.

If you’re affiliated with a private or charter school, you can also receive our services with our BOGO pricing model.

Engaging and Inspiring Programs

We use an idea of “From their hands to their hands with a little bit of computing in between.”  with 3D printing. The kids collect plastic water bottles, then using a ReDeTec, we safely melt their collections into filament. They then use that filament to print their 3D creation.This forces a direct and tangible impact both for the environment and themselves.

What makes TechStart different?

We’re free (to public schools), provide the materials, the curriculum and the teacher! Also most other organizations have a minimum age of 5th grade. TechStart believes the desire for technology happens much younger, so we’re working to fill the gap between K through 5th grade to maximize their potential.

Just the facts:

  • Free for public schools
  • Free for underprivileged, underserved and at-risk students in the Tampa Bay area
  • Student-led
  • It’s ok to be loud
  • Brain Breaks
  • We bring our own laptops
  • We bring our own chargers
  • We bring our own extension cords
  • We bring our own 3D printers
  • We bring our own WiFi
  • We bring our own teacher
  • We bring our own water
  • We bring the snacks (There’s nothing more heartbreaking then telling a child they can not have another snack–especially when they want it for their little sister.)

Jaden's Story

“I like TechStart because it’s so fun!”


Ms. Mayani's Story

“I use [TechStart] as an incentive for my kids. They Love it.”

“They ask about it all the time.”

“Their behavior is really improving when Miss. Kay comes.”


Sherry's Story

“As a substitute teacher, TechStart has afforded me the opportunity to spread the word about a hidden gem in the city of Tampa.”

“TechStart means that I get to share an awesome resource with children who wouldn’t otherwise know of such great opportunities in coding and 3D printing.”

Our Partners

The Team


  • Ned Pope, Chairman (2016-present)
  • Larry Plank, Co-Chair
  • Kevin Donald, Treasurer
  • Bill Moore, Secretary


  • Akira Mitchell, Program and Event Director
  • Sherry Allen, Intern

Board Members

  • Linda Olson
  • Jocelyn Lister
  • Kevin Schuler
  • Chuck Papageorgiou (Former Chair, 2012-2015)
  • Ryan Dorrell
  • Kelly Bouseman


  • Robin Weston
  • Bob Riddell
  • Mark Swanson
  • Daniel James Scott
  • Toni Warren